Exhibitor list

Find all of the exhibitors attending GreenTech Forum Brussels 2024 below.

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3E | Brussels pavilion

With 25 years of expertise, 3E delivers cutting-edge SaaS solutions – SynaptiQ – and bankable advisory services for the renewable energy sector.

Aeonics | ISIT-BE pavilion

The only Sustainable Entreprise Application Platform, Aeonics offers a deep tech server software with a strong focus on business value & cyber security.


Aguaro is a purpose-driven company fully dedicated to the ecological transition of companies' IT services.

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AnySurfer | ISIT-BE pavilion

AnySurfer offers advice, auditing, and training to help you create accessible websites, documents and apps, usable by everyone, including people with disabilities.

aSmartWorld | Digital Wallonia pavilion

Climate Tech Startup -  Developed a software platform removing all friction to collect unused smartphones. Boosting revenue and driving sustainability for Telcos, Retailers, and IT Leasing companies.

Axoly Tech | Digital Wallonia pavilion

Axoly Tech is a software development and consultancy company, focused on a sustainable IT and green software.

BeeOdiversity | Brussels pavilion

BeeOdiversity provides advice and solutions to enable companies and public bodies to define and implement a value-creating biodiversity strategy.

Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT (ISIT-BE) | ISIT-BE pavilion

The Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT is a non-profit association founded in 2020, based on its French equivalent the INR.


CarbonScore is an awareness-raising and action-oriented approach that engages your employees based on the actual measurement of their daily impact.

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Circular.Brussels | ISIT-BE pavilion

Circular.brussels is a non-profit organization dedicated to  addressing the digital divide within Belgium. Our core mission is to foster  equitable access to technology by advocating for the refurbishment of IT  equipment.

D-Carbonize | Digital Wallonia pavilion

D-Carbonize, a climate-tech startup, paves the way with its Carbon Accounting Tool to help companies measure, plan, & reduce their carbon footprint.

Digital Wallonia | Digital Wallonia pavilion



EasyVirt, 13 years of green IT experience, develops CO2Scope, leading solution for measuring & optimising IT carbon impact on premise & in the cloud.   

Ecologic Reconditionnement  | Digital Wallonia pavilion

Specializing in IT refurbishment with local, circular supply chains in Nivelles. Offers sustainable solutions buy-back, sales, and advice for responsible practices in public and private sectors.

Ecubel Computer Trading

On the market since more than 35 years we are an experienced partner for the buy-back of your used IT equipment. After a certified data erasure we prepare the devices  for reuse. Value recovery, donation, by-back by your staff,… we offer different possibilities to make impact.

Eonix | Digital Wallonia pavilion

Eonix excels in secure custom application development for critical sectors, backed by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, ensuring data protection and reliability.


Externaliz-IT offers a sustainable and responsible approach to digitalization for SMEs, focusing on externalizing IT management with acommitment to green IT for a thriving and eco-conscious future.

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Fruggr is a SaaS solution that enables companies to analyze and reduce their digital footprint, while contributing to their performance.

Greenomy | Brussels pavilion

Greenomy helps companies to collect and manage sustainability data and make it easy to meet reporting requirements of the CSRD and EU Taxonomy.


Greenspector analyzes the environmental impact of web and mobile applications, android and IOS applications.

Hub.brussels | Brussels pavilion

The Brussels Business Support Agency is offering free-of-charge a range of solutions and advice for start-ups and scale-ups in Brussels and beyond, as well as services focusing on strategy, finance, clustering and internationalisation.


Infogreen Factory is a service company specialising in the sustainable design of digital services, consultancy and sustainable IT training. Proud to have gained Level 2 Sustainable IT certification.

Innoviris | Brussels pavilion

Innoviris is the public organisation that funds and guides innovation, scientific research and science promotion in the Brussels-Capital Region.

La Fresque du Numérique | ISIT-BE pavilion

Digital Collage is a collaborative workshop designed to raise awareness of the negative environmental impacts of digital technology and the actions that can be taken to reduce them. Digital Collage is also the project for decentralised deployment of this workshop, supported by a community of over 3,700facilitators, for a sustainable world!


Mavana supports organizations of all sizes, both public and private, in identifying, assessing and reducing their environmental impacts, in particular where digital technologies are involved.

Namahn | Brussels pavilion

Namahn is a human-centred design agency based in Brussels. We help organisations to overcome complex challenges and to create positive impact on people, planet, and profit.

Neo&Nea | ISIT-BE pavilion

Neo&Nea is a set of tools including an online platform and trainings in order to enable everyone to understand and to act on climate change.


OxygenIT is a comprehensive and industrial grade solution, used by IT teams to control and continually improve cloud and IT infrastructure carbon emissions and energy consumption.

PHOENIX AI | Digital Wallonia pavilion

WE BRING (Y)OUR AI WHERE  YOU DON’T EVEN DREAM OF IT! Turnkey edge on-device AI solutions with live  automatic video analytics with a green vantage point.


PREOSoftware is a professional partner for buying and selling second-hand software licences, helping organizations to optimize their costs.


re:cinq: Leading in sustainable software engineering and GreenOps for cost-effective, high-performance, low-carbon IT solutions.


Resilio develops solutions for a more responsible digital environment through Life Cycle Assessment of digital services and a wide training catalogue!

Sentometrics | Brussels pavillon

Sentometrics extracts relevant company information from local news data in a scalable way. We take a thematic approach and ESG is our primary focus.

SHAYP | Brussels pavilion

Shayp is helping organizations and property professionals to improve water efficiency in buildings thanks to AI-powered water consumption anomaly detection, easy to install and low cost IoT.


Sopht is an End to End GreenOps platform allowing IT organizations to dynamically pilot their environmental impact and automate their decarbonation.

Stereo Agency | ISIT-BE pavilion

We help brands design their online presence in a sustainable way, using greener solutions & optimized production techniques. We audit, design and craft your digital products with performance and efficiency in mind, focusing on the essentials.

SustAIn.brussels | Brussels pavilion

SustAIn.brussels is your single point of access to sustainable and digital innovation in Brussels and beyond with a focus on AI and other emerging technologies. We are committed to guide you from idea to traction.

Tapio | Brussels pavilion

At Tapio, we provide climate expertise and have developed ou rown platform to help companies transition towards a low carbon economy.

TheGreenShot | Brussels pavilion

When climate reductions meet financial savings. Connect your organisation to TheGreenShot’s innovative AI-powered, climate tech digital platform.

The Shifters Belgium | ISIT-BE pavilion

Les Shifters is an association working to decarbonize the economy, and provides volunteer support to The Shift Project think tank.


Verdikt develops a Saas platform focused on Corporate Digital Responsibility and markets two offerings "Corporate IT" and "ITProvider", to accelerate the sustainable transition of the entire IT value chain.

Watt4Ever | Brussels pavilion

Watt4Ever’s unique tech and business model make affordable & sustainable energy storage a reality.


We decarbonize websites.
We hunt digital waste on content website without full website redesign.
We reduce website impact from 10 to 71% keeping the same render and the same technology.