EXTERNALIZ-IT 45A, rue du Parc 5380 Marchovelette

Externaliz-IT offers a sustainable and responsible approach to digitalization for SMEs, focusing on externalizing IT management with a commitment to green IT. They provide a comprehensive range of services, including IT management, process optimization, digital facilitation, security, audit, project management, and software development, all while promoting eco-responsible practices. Their approach prioritizes reducing the ecological and societal impact of digital technology, managing IT equipment life cycles, and supporting digital process optimization. Externaliz-IT values human-centered, ethical practices and contributes to societal well-being through donations and volunteering.

Products and services

Externaliz-IT specializes in IT management and green IT solutions for SMEs. Their services encompass IT governance, digital process optimization, security, and software development. They prioritize eco-responsibility by managing the life cycle of IT equipment and minimizing digital technology's environmental and societal impacts. Committed to ethical practices, they actively contribute to societal well-being through donations and volunteering. Explore their innovative services at [externaliz-it.be](https://externaliz-it.be/).

Anne-Sophie Aberi Moska