Tuesday, June 19th | 11h00 - 12h00 | Conference Room 1 | Responsible Enterprise

Sustainable public purchasing : the practical implementation of the Circular and Fair ICT Pact (CFIT) framework, from the pre-tender stage to end-of-life management

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Strategic Sustainability Advisor IT

Ministry of Economy

Johan Rodenhuis works for the Dutch central government within the procurement category ICT Workspace. Focusing on all sustainability related aspects, like environment, circular economy, human rights and ethics and combining this with his knowledge on (green sustainable and circular) procurement and category management, he strives to create real impact. He’s one of the early birds interested in the topic of sustainable procurement of ICT (since 2008), loves to share his experiences and learn from people, governments and organizations worldwide. Sustainability is the starting point, no longer an option.


Circular Procurement Advisor

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management / Rijkswaterstaat

Ekaterina Smid-Gankin works for the Circular and Fair ICT Pact (CFIT) secretariat within the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands. CFIT is an international procurement-led partnership aimed at promoting circularity, fairness, and sustainability within the ICT sector. Ekaterina's professional background encompasses diverse roles in sustainability and circular economy initiatives across both private and public sectors. For additional information on CFIT, please visit circularandfairictpact.com.

Michaël VAN MOL

Legal Advisor

Agency for Facility Operations

I am a legal officer for the Agency for Facility Operations, the sole central purchasing body for the Flemish administration. I work together with public buyers and product managers to create public contracts. Besides that I also am involved in policy on sme-friendly public procurement and support our socially sustainable contract management for IT.  

I have an academic background in law and have several years of experience in public procurement.


Expert on SSP

Government of Flanders - Department of Environment & Spatial Development

Els has been supporting public procurers in Flanders since 2008 in the uptake of sustainable public procurement. Els provides tools and facilitates knowledge exchange for (ICT) procurers throughout Flanders. By participating as an expert in multiple procurement teams, she knows the challenges that procurers encounter in the uptake of SPP inside and out.

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