Wednesday, June 19th | 11:00 - 12:00 | Conference Room 1 | Responsible Enterprise

Small organisations and Sustainable IT, how to take concrete action? (testimonials and feedback)

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Project Officer / Agoria

Laurence de Kerchove is a Project Officer at Agoria, the Belgian Tech Federation. She is currently working on the Digital Innovation Hub, Helping guide companies in their Sustainable Digital journey.

Benjamin LANG



Sustainable IT consultant since 2019 in France, I have developed a broad and systemic vision of Sustainable IT (Environment / Social and Ethics)  I do a lot of sensibilisation in small and very large organizations and various consulting missions from assessing the environmental footprint of organizations to defining a sustainable IT strategy.    

I am also a auditor for the French Label "Numérique Responsable" and therefore have the pleasure to observe and assess sustainable strategies for large and international organizations.    Thus I am able to provide an external vision of Sustainable IT strategies in various organizations from common actions to the best of the class ones, from IT to HR, etc.


Digital Ecologist

Digital Ecology Institute

Joanna Murzyn is a business consultant and strategist, specializing in helping small and large businesses reduce their digital waste and implementing foundations of digital ecology in their strategies, products and culture.

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