Wednesday, June 19th | 12:30 - 13:30 | Conference Room 1 | Ecological & social transition and Innovation

Refurbishment, repair & WEEE management: Market reality and solutions for businesses.

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Mirabelle Lamoureux is a young entrepreneur who undertakes ambitious and committed projects. After studying at Paris Dauphine University and HEC business school, she launched a number of non-profit and entrepreneurial projects.  

Now based in Marseille, France, Mirabelle has 3 years' experience at the head of innovative structures. Her background has given her a cross-disciplinary perspective, both operational and strategic, which inspired her to set up her own projects at a very early stage. First with the association Pour Que Marseille Vive, then with the contemporary art label SUPRAMARE Art, Mirabelle is a jack-of-all-trades. She oversees the identity and communications strategy of these organisations, as well as their finances and business models. In the summer of 2023, she took over the management of Keeep, the first distribution platform for 100% refurbished computers (re)made in France for SMEs. Driven by strong values, her ambition is to support SMEs in their ecological transition by enabling them to reduce their digital footprint through refurbishment. Convinced that the circular economy is the best solution for reconciling ecology and economic growth, Mirabelle wants to make refurbished IT a natural reflex for businesses.


Circular Economy Officer (CEO) & Founder

As the Circular Economy Officer (CEO) and Founder of CIRCULIFE, Virginie Versavel has over six years of experience in business development and circular economy, with a strong focus on valorizing electro & electric assets and components for re/use across different users and product lifecycles.    

To furthermore support expertise and practice with theory, she obtained a Certificate at the Cambridge University in Circular Economy & Sustainability Strategies (focused on Device-as-a-Service / DaaS), built on an extensive background of financial analysis & strategic planning, business development and a broad international experience in supply chain, for over 15 years, in different roles at multinationals.    

It is her mission to guide you and your organization towards circular asset management, for procured and manufactured assets; creating proactive transparency in (y)our value chains, using a customised tracking methodology, platform and well selected partners.    

With CIRCULIFE, her cleantech company, she drives innovation, savings, sustainable profit and socio-ecological impact for your employees, clients and suppliers. Together you get further faster and obtain more impact and velocity through partnerships, ecosystem-building and guaranteed availability of devices and components to securing funding, forecast accuracy and business continuity.    

With a dedicated A-Team, CIRCULIFE leverages a diverse international network, a positive can-do attitude, and lifelong learning mindset with a true passion for People, Planet and Profit for win-win-win partnerships.    

This enables all stakeholders to make data-driven decisions and to report on valuable sustainability impact (ESG/CSRD) and consistent contributions on continuous improvements in circular economy practices (ESRS/E5) in different sectors and industries.    Find out more on


Cisco Capital EMEA Sustainability leader

Cisco Systems

In my role as Cisco Capital EMEA sustainability lead I have been involved and advised on how financial modelling can enable Circular IT models. Next to that I'm also the Cisco Capital North leader, leading Cisco Capital’s sales operation in the North Theatre which includes Belgium, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Sweden. In this role I'm is responsible for leading a team of expert financial solutions managers to help support Cisco’s customers acquire and consume their Cisco solutions.    I joined Cisco Capital in 2000 as Structured Finance Manager for Internet Start-ups and Service Providers in Europe. In 2005 she took on the role as Regional Finance Manager for Eastern Europe responsible for building relationships and growing the business. I was then quickly promoted into a European management role, responsible for developing propositions and integration.

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