Tuesday, June 18th | 17:00 - 18:00 | Conference Room 1 | Tools, Certifications, Standards, Norms & Regulations

Preparing for Sustainable IT and environmental disclosure regulations; getting ready for CSRD, Ecoscore, Repairability Index... and managing environmental data effectively

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Constance d'ASPREMONT

Chief Business Development Officer


Constance d'Aspremont, Chief Business Development Officer, Greenomy.

She has 22+ years experience in sustainability, strategy, and finance, working with C-Suite and Executives of leading European companies, whilst her prior tenure includes that with BNP Paribas and McKinsey. Constance is based in Brussels. She also contributed to various publications on Sustainable Finance and its implications for businesses. Constance holds a Bachelor, a Licence (Summa cum Laude) and a Master in Economics from UCLouvain, Belgium, and an MBA from INSEAD.




Kris Boudt is founder CEO of Sentometrics BV, a university spinoff whose mission is to offer relevant company information from local news data in a scalable way. We take a thematic monitoring approach and ESG is our primary focus.  Current clients include large financial institutions and government organizations.

They receive their information through newsletter, API, data export and by interacting with the dashboard. The competitive advantage results from combining multiple reliable data sources and applying advanced algorithms for entity disambiguation, relevance scoring and ESG impact assessment to create unique insights about all listed and non-listed companies in the value chain. We thus allow our customers to leverage the power of local news to build a reliable business partner network. The signals we provide are high quality, timely, customized and professionally verified




Véronique Pevtschin graduated as an electro-mechanical engineering, with a specialisation in acoustics and quantum physics, studying in Europe and at MIT. She spent the first 10 years of her career co-founding and leading a security and human resources company. She worked 3 years at the European Commission as an embedded systems expert, and 15 years in Italy leading a cyber-security team for a large IT provider.   She joined TheGreenShot as its CEO and co-founder in 2021. Véronique is trilingual and speaks English, French and Italian.   Passionate about empowering fundamental changes through digital solutions and shared data-based insights, her DNA is to move away from ‘climate reduction as a constraint’ to empowering the entire workforce to adopt sustainable work processes. This approach opens up a whole new & positive future – saving financial costs while curbing climate impact and including people, as delivered by TheGreenShot’s 360° data intelligence platform across the entire cultural and creative industries.  TheGreenShot’s approach is to upskill each team member, and make this new sustainability skills valued by employers across audiovisual productions, events, festivals, sports & live venues. The specific complexity of the CCI is its diversity in people and locations, but this is also what makes driving impact across the CCI so exciting – the ability to empower very diverse people across changing locations and goals. With TheGreenShot’s new partnership with the MIT CSAIL Lab, Véronique is focusing on the next innovations – including the expansion of our underlying technology to new verticals and the upcoming climate reduction recommendation module.

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