Wednesday, June 19th | 12:30 - 13:30 | Conference Room 2 | Tools, Certifications, Standards, Norms & Regulations

Multi-criteria (water and resources consumption, pollution, GHG emissions...) measurement of IT's environmental footprint: tackling the lack of robust data and unstandardized methods, and exploring labels, certifications, and tools for Sustainable IT policies and footprint tracking

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Purchaser Engagement

TCO Development

Dmytro helps purchasers with sustainable IT practices, sustainability-related risk reduction, and taking the next step in social and environmental responsibility. He works at TCO Development, the organization behind the global sustainability certification for IT equipment, TCO Certified. Previously, Dmytro worked at the ecolabelling program "Green Crane" in Ukraine. His expertise areas are sustainability certifications, ecolabels, the ISO 14020 series.

Subramanian KUPPUSWAMI

Global Sustainability Head, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Tata Consultancy Services

Subramanian (Subi) Kuppuswami is the Global Head of Sustainable Banking & Investments for TCS Banking, Financial Services & Insurance business group. Subi has over 27 years of sales, solution development and technology experience in Banking & Financial Services. With passion for Sustainability, Subi enjoys working in the intersection of sustainability & ESG, business and technology, championing TCS’ efforts in externalizing its sustainability capabilities and crafting differentiated solutions to address the rapidly emerging needs in this space.


Statistical studies and environmental data analysis officer


I've been working for nearly two years at the market observatory of the France's electronic communications regulator, the Regulatory Authority for Electronic Communications, Postal Affairs and Print Media Distribution (ARCEP). As a statistical studies and environmental data analysis officer, I am in charge of the environmental data collection carried out by Arcep, I process and analyse the data collected with a view to feeding into the publication of the annual survey "Achieving digital sustainability". I also take part in the work on environmental issues carried out by Arcep and other institutions: other regulators, BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) and the European Commission.


Researcher - Consultant

Square Management / La Rochelle University

Aiste’s background spans both technology and sustainability. She earned her Master's degree in Sustainable Development and Social Business from HEC Paris Business School (France) and also holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of York (UK). Currently, she's focusing on her thesis at La Rochelle University, working with the Square Management Research Center to explore Corporate Digital Responsibility strategies and their socio-ecological impacts.    

Her diverse work experience covers investment banks, start-ups, the energy sector, and projects with the French Institute for Sustainable IT. She is also a member of working groups on digital transformation and sustainability, organized by the Alliance Green IT (AGIT) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).    

In addition to her research and professional work, Aiste has published several articles on the intersection of digital technology and sustainable development. Recently, she co-authored a book on Corporate Digital Responsibilities ( "B.A.-BA du Numérique Responsable" in French), which reflects her commitment to advancing sustainable practices in the era of digitalization.

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