Tuesday, June 18th | 15:30 - 16:30 | Conference Room 2 | Sustainable IT Infrastructures and Services

Eco-design from theory to practice, how do companies take action in real life? Eco-design, a fundamental lever to reduce the environmental footprint of IT. Case studies of implementation (services and/or products side).

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Sustainable IT & Eco Design Expert

Banque de France

Agnès brings a wealth of experience, having worked for several years in telecommunications start-ups dedicated  to innovation. Her journey led her to the Banque de France in 2011, initially as a Java developer and later as a  project manager. In 2019, she achieved recognition by winning the jury prize at the Sustainable Development  Challenge organized by CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). Her groundbreaking proposal to experiment with digital sobriety resulted in the inclusion of a dedicated action for digital sobriety in the strategic plan. Since 2021,  Agnès has been tirelessly working on implementing this approach at the Banque de France.

Jean-Brieuc FERON



Jean-Brieuc Feron, an electrical engineer with a solid industrial background in aerospace and light mobility, specializes in software, electronics and electromechanics. His drive for sustainability led him to create Citronics, a pioneer in circular electronics, repurposing discarded smartphone parts into new products while also crafting tools for their seamless integration into engineering processes. Jean-Brieuc actively promotes sustainable technology and engineering practices, contributing to European eco-design regulations and sharing his insights on sustainability through public and academic talks. His hands-on approach and detailled understanding of the interrelations of technology and environment allows him to approach pragmaticlly the role of IT in the climate & energy transition.


High-Tech Director

Dassaut Systemes

A Career Dedicated to Sustainable Transformation    

For over two decades, I have championed innovative technologies to drive positive environmental change across diverse industries, encompassing manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and tire production. Throughout my career, I have collaborated with renowned companies like Ericsson, Michelin, Airbus, Boeing, Toyota, and GKN Aerospace, contributing to projects spanning multiple continents.    

My dedication to sustainability has reached its peak with spearheading impactful European initiatives like EECONE, focused on tackling e-waste reduction or the REINFORCE project, which aimed to revolutionize and refresh the recycling industry by utilizing best-in-world innovations based on automation, efficiency, safety, and sustainability. This project specifically focused on improving the recycling and end-of-life management of batteries, a crucial step in creating a more sustainable future for various technologies.    

Currently, as the High-Tech Industry Solution Experience Director at Dassault Systèmes, I am actively driving sustainable transformation within the industry. In this role, I lead the development and implementation of sustainable solutions, empower sales teams with the necessary expertise, and foster a network of like-minded businesses and partners.    

Prior to joining Dassault Systèmes High-Tech team, I served as a Global Solutions Architect in Sweden. During this time, I played a crucial role in facilitating Ericsson's successful company-wide rollout of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This collaboration aimed to support Ericsson's digital transformation through integrated product management and R&D workflows, holding the potential to improve efficiency and potentially reduce resource consumption, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.    

My previous experience also includes a nearly decade-long tenure at Accenture, where I held the position of Industry X.0 Senior Manager. In this role, I collaborated with clients across various industries, helping them optimize their operations while implementing transformative digital solutions with a focus on sustainability.    

This extensive experience across diverse industries, coupled with my leadership in impactful initiatives and dedication to collaboration, demonstrates my unwavering commitment to building a more sustainable future. I consider myself a change agent, actively promoting a more circular future for our industries by leveraging my expertise and global reach




Passionate about complex systems, interoperability and obsessed with IT efficiency, Simon pushes his Master in AI further with doctoral research about automatic unsupervised classification. He leverages his experience in the field of mass hosting to develop a first heterogenous data processing software applied to the IoT world. Ever thirsty for pragmatism and perfectionist, Simon kicks establishment and embarks on a deep-tech concept oriented towards sustainable IT. He designs a digitally sober solution that reinvents the world of micro-services for companies.    

His career as a specialist consultant in software architecture and IT infrastructure allowed Simon to acquire rich knowledge about the company IT landscape, the best practices, and excesses. Simon manages to reconcile technical aspects, cybersecurity imperatives, sovereignty and independence needs with environmental goals and other corporate policy considerations that are often misinterpreted by teams in the field.    

Simon can ask the right questions and offer credible alternatives considering the reality on the field and changes over time. A real asset for managing the change towards new practices in the IT sector, he is the technical failsafe for the success and acceptation from various players to new software eco-design strategies

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