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Converting organizations and their leaders to Sustainable IT - ROI, co-benefits, and extra-environmental arguments.

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Christine HECKMANN



Former Group CIO of multinational companies, I led their technology, operational and digital transformations. During all those years, digital pollution was not on the agenda. Today, I am deeply convinced that sustainable digital transition will be in the years to come, the equivalent of what digital transformation has been.

Today for tomorrow… Verdikt's ambition is to reconcile digital and ecology to enhance companies’ CSR performance, by equipping CIO and CSR directors with a digital sustainability assessment platform.

Manaëlle PERCHET

Head of Impact & Sustainable Development


Manaëlle PERCHET is the Head of Sustainable Transformation and ESG Strategy at Wemanity Group.    

Her journey began in 2015 as a Community Builder during Wemanity's startup phase, where she played her role was co-creating the community, the processes and fostering a collaborative culture. This early experience laid the foundation for her unwavering commitment to the company.    

Driven by a desire for continuous improvement, Manaëlle pursued a Master's in Project & Programme Management & Business Development. Recognized for her dedication, she transitioned to the role of Agile Coach alongside Wemanity's founder, Jean Christophe Conticello. Here, she focused on harmonizing subsidiaries and enhancing support teams through Agile methodologies, embodying a change in a collaborative leadership style.    

In 2018, Manaëlle's entrepreneurial spirit shone through the launch of WeImpact. Starting as a personal initiative, WeImpact evolved to encourage Wemanity's volunteers to create positive impacts through charitable and environmental actions. This initiative, now the official ESG arm of Wemanity, reflects Manaëlle's approach to making a meaningful difference to change the world of working sustainably.    

As the leader of WeImpact and Wemanity Sustainable offer, she channels determination, team spirit, and an entrepreneurial drive into accelerating sustainable transformation through 3 key performance criteria: People, Planet, Profit. With a proactive mindset, Manaëlle guides her teams and partners through awareness, engagement, measurement and the transformation of sustainable practices. Her goal is to empower each individual with the means, space, and tools to contribute their part to a better world at scale.    

Guided by Gandhi's philosophy, "Embody the change you want to see in the world," Manaëlle envisions a future where digital technology becomes a force for sustainable transformation, epitomizing the ethos of #TechforGood #GreenIT #ecoconception #accessibility    

The Vision she drives: "Accelerating Sustainable Transformation through Commitment, TechForGood, and Agile methodologies."    

Her journey demonstrates that collective intelligence, leadership, commitment to continuous improvement, and a focus on empowering individuals can drive meaningful & sustainable changes within organizations and beyond.

Julien ROUZE



Julien Rouzé is a Sustainable IT specialist. He has co-founded Sopht (www.sopht.com), where he is in charge of Product & Methodology teams.    

Julien Rouzé earned his Master of Science in Risk Management & Geopolitics from HEC Paris. He also holds a Master Degree in Economics.    

As a GreenTech co-founder, Julien Rouzé has expertise in supporting organizations in their IT decarbonation journey

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