Tuesday, June 18th | 14:00 - 15:00 | Conference Room 1 | Ecological & social transition and Innovation

AI for Eco-Efficiency : Using AI to reduce our environmental footprint, taking into account the footprint of AI.

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Geoffrey AERTS



AI holds significant potential to contribute to sustainable development but must be managed carefully to avoid negative impacts. Sustainable AI requires a dual focus on the applications of AI for sustainability and ensuring the AI systems themselves are sustainable. Ethical, regulatory, and interdisciplinary approaches are essential to harness AI's full potential for a sustainable future.


Delegate for digital uses and AI


As Numeum's delegate for digital uses and head of the AI Commission, I work with our members to promote and spread the use of AI systems. To this objective, we have launched several initiatives aimed at raising awareness of the ethical and sustainable uses of artificial intelligence, through collective initiatives such as Ethical-AI and our recent study “AI for Green & Green AI”.




LinkedIn Learning trainer for over 20,000 learners  

- The foundations of CSR (4.6⭐/5)  

- The foundations of ESG and sustainable finance (new)  

- The foundations of the circular economy (new)  

- Implement a CSR approach (4.6⭐/5)  

Corporate trainer and speaker  I founded Skillfools to democratize CSR in organizations. #easyRSE  We have set up training courses accessible to all,  And collective intelligence workshops to make you want to take action at work.    

Consultant and transition manager  I support companies in implementing concrete and innovative solutions that respond to today's social and environmental issues.  I help raise awareness and engage management and all employees around the impact.  I contribute to the employee training program and participate in the deployment of the CSR policy in collaboration with operational departments.  I participate in the implementation of responsible communication actions (external and internal).    

Speaker and professor at Grandes Ecoles  I teach Masters and MBA students by adapting my CSR / ESG programs

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